When we lived in a rental house we frequently lamented the fact that we could not get a second dog. Maris loves playing with other dogs more than anything in the entire world – well, except maybe eating the garbage and counter-surfing for leftovers when we’re not home. For the past several years we’ve been sending her to dog daycare twice a week in the hopes that this would satisfy her (it doesn’t). But recently we’ve grown weary of the way daycare exacerbates certain health issues and that despite being treated repeatedly she keeps bringing home fleas.

So getting a second dog has been on our mind, but the conversation about pulling the trigger would frequently turn to:“What are we doing? We have a good thing going here. Why add more chaos to our lives?” Maris is sweet and lovable and at this point we’ve found our groove with her. We also recently re-homed the cat that never came out from under the furniture, so lately we’ve been feeling like have better handle on our furry creature situation. Continue reading

The Girls

For the last several years we have been adding things to the “someday when we have a house” list. At the beginning of March a giant sign at our local True Value offered us the opportunity to cross one of these items off the list. It read: ORDER YOUR CHICKENS HERE. So we did and a few weeks later 5 extremely cute baby chickens arrived. Continue reading

Kitchen Update – Phase 2


This is not nearly as exciting as the first time around, but I finally got around to finishing the kitchen. Instead of dragging the process out over several weeks, I went with a quick Band-Aid – tackling almost all of it in one day while Graybeard was at a bachelor party. That’s not to say he wasn’t helpful, he begrudgingly helped take down the useless cupboard above the fridge when he got home, but only after lots of profanities and reminders that I agreed not to start another house project. But it wasn’t a new project, I was finishing an old project! He was not amused by this technicality. Continue reading

San PANcho

I don’t think I’ve ever physically or emotionally needed a vacation as much as I needed this year’s trip to Mexico. Perhaps it was the fact that we hadn’t been on a proper vacation in almost a year, or the stress over the last few months of buying a house, or the endless gray that is Seattle’s winter, but in the weeks leading up to it every ounce of my body and soul was on the edge of a complete breakdown. Thus, a last minute trip to San Pancho, Mexico was born. And it was so, so worth it.*

San Pancho (also called San Francisco, and wonderfully pronounced San PANcho by the locals) is a tiny town (population ~1,500)  about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta, and about a 10 minute drive from the more popular surf town, Sayulita. San Pancho is a quiet little town, filled with friendly people, delicious (cheap) food, and a beach that was far, far less crowded than Sayulita. We ate. We drank. I spent my birthday posted up on the beach where I read an entire book while Graybeard played in the ocean. It was awesome.* Continue reading

Kitchen Update – Phase 1


I’m pretty sure the moment I opened a crowbar for Christmas and Captain Graybeard, Esquire saw the look in my eyes he knew what was coming next: the kitchen cupboards were coming down. I believe it was the first thing I said when I saw the kitchen and something I complained about every time I had to cook anything (so, daily). Aside from being ugly and outdated, the cupboards sat far too low to the counter effectively rendering the back portion of the counter useless. It was also impossible to set anything under the cupboards due to the height and there may or may not have been a incident where an entire Vitamix-worth of green smoothie was spilled down someone’s suit because the opening a cupboard door knocked it over. Also not entirely irrelevant, but I’ve been dreaming of open shelving in my someday kitchen for years now. So, after some overly dramatic stories about whether I would or would not die if the cupboards didn’t come down immediately, we celebrated Boxing Day with some light demolition. Continue reading